Working collaboratively with the TEDxManchester team we were able to create the largest TEDx in the UK ever, selling out in 9 minutes.


Returning control, empowering an incredible team

Working with the event founder (Herb) and the event producer (Emma) we devised a strategy incorporating a full website redesign empowering the team with the freedom to edit and control their own website for the first time. This allowed us to develop a much more mature approach to the event marketing than had ever been tried in the past. We created a simple, yet effective landing page that was the centre piece of this work, that allowed us to build anticipation, and ultimately sell the experience to the paying public.

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Client: TEDx Manchester
Date: October 16, 2017
Services: Website, Content, Email, Strategy


Anticipation is the key.

We were asked to create a website for the upcoming event that could act as an information hub, a data gathering point, and ultimately, a sales tool. The team understood the value of social media but had limited resource and capacity to deliver something with impact. We were tasked with increasing an already healthy email list to allow the team to effectively communicate with its target audience.

Finally, we introduced several other elements to the brief, firstly allowing the team to get the most from their advertising spend to promote the event, and secondly building the foundations of data and understanding of what their digital assets were actually doing for them.

Results (so far…)

Build it and they will come 

The results made us extremely proud and showed the intuition of the TEDxManchester team. Throughout the 40 day launch period we managed to create over 250,000+ digital impressions,  driving tens of thousands of people to the site with over 30% of traffic converting to the mailing list, increasing the list by 40%. However, the true icing on the cake was that the initial ticket allocation of the event (more than double the previous year) sold out in around 9 minutes. This lead to the event more than quadrupling its capacity to become the largest TEDx gathering in the UK ever. A credit to a fantastic collaboration.