Bring It On

Strategy, Social Media and Web Development to fit expectations of the client and work to generate awareness and interest of Bring It On.

Client: BeaconHouse Events
Date: April 14, 2021
Services: Website Development, Social Media, Marketing

01. The Brief

Bring it on is an event that aims to educate inform and inspire 9-14 year olds about the world of engineering in the North East and beyond. 

Following a successful 2020 event where we delivered digital comms we were recruited for the 2021 event and to redevelop the website.  

02. Approach

We began by defining the audience and understanding their individual needs. It was clear there were several ideal targets for the site from pupils and teachers to potential sponsors and partner companies. The client also wanted an element of discovery and inspiration running through the site so users could discover more about engineering and the companies and people involved.

We have kept the site simple and easy to navigate and made sure all the key information is accessible, taking into consideration various different user journeys. 

Brand Refresh

What we did:

  1.  Brand new website in line with client expectations
  2.  Marketing tool kit
  3.  CX review



04. Results

After a collaborative process between our team and the client, we produced a website fit for purpose that speaks to all audiences accessing the site.

Working on the site we have highlighted the heritage of the site while making information super accessible. People can now easily find out more about engineering companies in the north east as well as more information on the event and how they can partner and we’re working with them to develop teaching resources to help further inspire children all year round.