BITR Conference

Working collaboratively with the Beacon House Events team on the inaugural year of Build IT Right Conference (BITR), we created an organic and paid social media strategy.

Client: BITR
Date: April 4, 2019

An Impression to Make 

Working alongside Beaconhouse Events, we were contracted to provide digital marketing services for the inaugural year of ‘Build IT Right’ Conference; a multi-track event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Newcastle.

Our remit covered creating assets for social media paid ads; organic content for the client’s social channels, leading social comms throughout the ticket sales period and ‘on the day’ live coverage of the event.

As there was no existing data with this being the first year of the conference, we created and refined ad criteria and content based on engagement and other metrics to create a focussed and successful ad campaign.

Ahead of the conference, we prepared and disseminated image and video organic content and ads in order to promote sponsors involved in the conference, increase ticket sales and to share important information and news about the event.

Building content right! 

Build IT (and they will come) 

During the ticket sales phase, we worked closely with keynote speakers to create highly targeted Instagram Story advertisements which not only gave personality to the speakers but really helped build anticipation and word of mouth for the event. During the conference, our community management and real0time content creation services helped the event trend for over four hours in Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

On the day of the conference, we provided real-time comms for speakers, producing live content highlighting critical statements and announcements.

Between the event launch, our organic social content, the conference and post-event, the brand had just over a quarter of a million impressions and built a fantastic platform to go into BITR 2020 sales.