Social Media

Quadrotech Socials

Quadrotech is an independent, privately held company headquartered in the city of Zug, Switzerland, with teams located all around the world. Quadrotech required us to create regular social content promoting products, blog posts and links to their knowledge base. Working alongside the internal marketing team we have developed and tested a social media advertising strategy.

OddsMonkey Social Ads

OddsMonkey required a robust social media acquisition strategy using paid social media advertisements across Twitter and Facebook. We ran closed tests targeting various customer buckets achieving a large projected ROI, resulting in an ‘always on’ campaign being rolled out as part of the digital marketing strategy.


‘DeCafe’, (pronounced de-kaff), an abbreviation of democracy café, is our re-invigoration of the 17th century practice of communities coming together in coffee shops and tea houses to discuss issues.

We were tasked to create engaging social media and digital assets to be used to drive awareness of new brand partnership with Starbucks. Working alongside the internal creative team to design, produce, and deploy social media content and print assets to be displayed at the inaugural event featuring the recently launched Verto.

Leaders Live

Working along-side Twitter and ITV News, we were able to deliver a UK first live stream event with all leaders of the main political parties to an audience of young people to engage them in politics. We provided world class social media content to help bring each live stream to life, educating and engaging young and first time voters in the run up to each stream, and encouraging real-time questioning throughout.


Working collaboratively with the TEDxManchester team we were able to create the largest TEDx in the UK ever, selling out in 9 minutes.