Colehouse help break global voter registration record encouraging 441,500 young people to take part in democracy.

Flat Caps Coffee

Colehouse support award winning coffee shop in coronavirus pivot to increase online sales by over 286%


400,000 people played Verto making 19 million decisions – Colehouse lead on launch and adoption of first of its kind voter advice application.

Leaders Live

Working along-side Twitter and ITV News, we were able to deliver a UK first live stream event with all leaders of the main political parties to an audience of young people to engage them in politics. We provided world class social media content to help bring each live stream to life, educating and engaging young and first time voters in the run up to each stream, and encouraging real-time questioning throughout.

At The Races

Devise the annual digital media strategy to help the At The Races team develop their web presence, increase cross pollination from social media to broadcast, and to increase app downloads.

TEDx Manchester

Working collaboratively with the TEDxManchester team we were able to create the largest TEDx in the UK ever, selling out in 9 minutes.