We were approached to assist with ticket promotion and provide live social coverage for three day virtual event, Data4Good Festival. We were brought in towards the end of the planning stage for the event with the need for our social media and community management services,
before and during the event.

Vocabulary Ninja Mini Games

The Brief Vocabulary Ninja was created to offer exciting, time saving and evidence-based learning resources…

Unforgettable Experiences

Working with a powerful and important cause to improve their website to make it more clear and useable.

Ultra Chique Clinique

The Start Increase the profile of the business and improving on the current digital streams…

The Ancient Unicorn

Increasing the profile, change booking direction and have a social strategy to help with consistency and content for social media.


Hidebound’s products have been featured in some of the biggest cultural moments on screen including Pirates of the Caribbean and Game of Thrones. We were thrilled to work with the team to deliver a fantastic campaign, true to the roots and heritage of Hidebound and their manufacturing techniques.