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Social media is now pay to play – organic reach plays a part but it has become a smaller part as the years go on. We work with our clients to ensure they get the most bang for their buck when it comes to paid social. We’re experts in not only the creative side but most importantly, we understand the strategic execution across the major networks and how they can help you grow your business. Using relevant business and industry data, we can match your audience profile with specific targeting to increase the relevancy, ensuring your paid social budget is fully maximised to hit KPIs.

If your business is not yet leveraging the countless benefits that come hand in hand with Facebook advertising, you’re making a huge mistake and losing money every day! There are countless advantages to advertising on Facebook, with completely measurable results that allow you to work with a flexible budget, micro-target your desired audience and attract new leads.

With a potential audience of more than 928 million people, Instagram ads are a key tool for any successful social strategy. With access to Facebook’s extensive targeting tools, a powerful presence on Instagram can place you in front of a key demographic. A range of carousel ads, video and stories offer stimulating formats that can be utilised for us to support you in communicating your ideas instantly and effectively.

Twitter advertising can enable your business to easily select campaign objectives that optimize towards a marketing goal, whether that’s building awareness, driving consideration or getting people to convert and take action. Through the creation of a highly engaged demographic, Twitter advertising puts your adverts in front of these users and we ensure you’re reaching them at the right time.

LinkedIn defines individuals on its social network by their profession, allowing you to target your audience based on their business profile, meaning it can be effective when promoting B2B services or brand events. Whether you’re aiming to reach young professionals or experienced executives, our paid social services can help you target your desired audience with crafted content that speaks their language.

Client Case Study

In late 2018, the Microsoft Ignite Global Tour kicked off visiting 20+ locations across the world. The Quadrotech marketing team identified 10 key countries across the globe for us to launch a paid and organic social media campaign designed to lift brand affinity and drive visits to on-site event stands as Platinum Microsoft Partners.

Global Destinations
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