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Thanks to digital marketing, launching a product or event to a widescale audience has never been so achievable. Equally, competition has never been so fierce. We can help you get the most out of your launch or campaign with detailed planning that will not only build hype around your launch, but help drive decision making and purchasing behaviours.

Launches and campaigns are our bread and butter, we can help you build anticipation – build it and they will come.

Our team are experts in running and managing launches and campaigns. There is always something we can do to level up your results! 

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Client Case Study

Approaching the end of 2019, we were contacted by an Australian company who had the idea of holding the first ever Global Swim Rise event – emulating the daily routine that forms part of their not-for-profit organisation while encouraging people from across the world to ‘dip at dawn’. We created a campaign which included the creation of a landing site, video content, an email and advertising strategy that would allow us to bring this concept to people on mass and in a highly targeted way with a small advertising budget.

The results were not only beyond our initial estimates, but it showed the intuition of the Human Excellence team. Throughout the launch period we managed to create a movement in which 2000+ people took part, 125 different events were created in 25 different countries, driving tens of thousands of people to the site. This was the icing on the cake, due to the sheer amount of countries involved and how global it really became. A credit to a fantastic collaboration.


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Our team are experts in launches and campaigns.  There is always something we can do to level up your results!

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