Creative Use Of Instagram Videos To Promote Content

Platforms such as Vine and Instagram have been a revelation to content creators in the last 12 months with a new style of short form video content, brands have converged to these platforms quickly (as they do these days) and have had varying levels of success.

An emerging trend I’ve spotted in the last few weeks has been for broadcast programs  to shrink down a show into a 15 second (in the case of Instagram) teaser.  I do not believe it was a co-incidence that when Instagram was preparing it’s update to compete with Vine that they chose to go with a full 15 seconds rather than the six second Vine option.

Since the launch of Instagram videos there has been a lot of talk about how to use this feature to promote your business, however I found a great example this week of how non other than Jamie Oliver is using it to promote his show.

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By spending a little bit more time with videos you have created you can turn a normal Instagram video into a mini production in no time at all.

As you can see, Jamie’s team have done a small amount of editing and branding to this video, but they have chopped together 15 seconds that make you want to watch the show.

Another good example of this is by Starbucks. In this video they have edited the video to adopt the style of many photos on Instagram. Many people make collages of photos using apps or Photoshop and publish, however Starbucks have been a bit more cute than that. They have used video editing software to only show the video in the top right corner, which gives a very powerful effect, I’m sure you’d agree.

As with all brands these days they must go the extra mile to jump out of a timeline at you, they seemingly have miliseconds to grab your attention.

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I expect to see much more of this over the coming months, what do you think of the idea? Let me know in your comments below.